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SHA Non-Slip Fabric Booty Band

  • PREMIUM NON-SLIP FABRIC BOOTY BAND MEANS NO ROLL UP!Our resistance bands for legs and butt can be used for any type of workout! Are you into cross training, yoga, pilates or even cross fit? Not only are these booty bands great for working out in the gym but you can use these workout bands for women and men. These hip bands’ non-slip grip make them perfect for warmups. 
  • Our glute bands are made of comfortable, soft material that will stick to your glutes during those booty workouts! No need to worry about those annoying roll-up problems anymore! The booty band's thick fabric is designed to prevent pinching, dropping, or that annoying roll up.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The Serena Hannah Athletics fabric booty band is the best hip band resistance for glute workout equipment because our hip band is very durable, as the bands are snap, stretch and sweat resistant. Unlike other squat bands, leg bands and hips bands, our resistance bands can be stretched and pulled without fear of losing elasticity. This is because our elastic material makes them durable thigh bands for workout!
  • These fabric non-slip booty bands are a great add on to your gym or home workout routine! Giving you the perfect tool to target and sculpt your hips and glutes.