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Hannah Booty Band System

  • SCULPT YOUR BUTT: Get a bikini body via toned thighs and a perked, firm butt with our complete workout package of Brazilian Butt-Lifts produced by former personal trainer and volleyball coach Serena Hannah--someone who knows how to get that booty in shape. 15 minutes a day for one month with our booty bands will get you results for those glutes! Your purchase grants online access to our videos starring Serena, who can keep you motivated and push you further in your fitness journey!
  • LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP TO SERENA HANNAH ATHLETICS LIBRARY: For optimal results and to keep that booty working, your purchase entitles you to a lifetime subscription of online workout videos hosted by Serena Hannah. New videos are released quarterly and a lifetime subscription is included with your purchase, so you don’t get stuck with an outdated, boring, or redundant workout.
  • A CHALLENGE FOR EVERY BOOTY: Our booty system comes with 10, 15, and 20 lb resistance bands. Perfect to change things up when you need more reps, simulate more weight, or to further the challenge as you get that summer bikini body and sprout that booty.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL, NON-PINCHING WAISTBAND: Our booty belt is adjustable from 22 inches to 46 inches wide with plenty of padding and comfort around the waist
  • MORE THAN ANOTHER SET OF WOMEN'S FITNESS EQUIPMENT: We aren't just selling resistance bands or a simple women's fitness program, we want you to have the workouts, nutrition, and results desired. You don't just get resistance bands with your purchase but the tools to get the booty workout you’ve wanted! Serena has trained hundreds of clients and coached dozens of volleyball teams. She knows how to help you get the results you want.